Springs County Q&A
July 30, 2020

Springs County Q&A
June 4, 2020

Because it’s not often in life that you get the chance to hit the reset button. Springs County IS that opportunity. The chance to thrive without being micromanaged. Equitable representation. Civility. Liberty.  Community. 

Troy Fisher

I love Springs County because of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets God allows me to see everyday.  These are views I want future generations to see.

T Emerson

Because I love the idea of freedom, small government, the rule of law and the conservative principles that are giving shape to this movement.

P Parejo

I love that we have an opportunity to create a new county where we can exercise our God given freedom without being governed by people who have a different set of values and beliefs. That also is not consistent with my Christian values. Splitting away from Alachua County would allow us to grow in a way more consistent with what our founding fathers had in mind.

T Wainwright

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